List of the Lost

Members' Area - Current Members

We have lost touch with some members of our Society. Please let us know if you know where they are or have any of their latest contact details.

Non-contactable members:

Abdul Razak Hj Yusof, Kapten
Annuar B Haj Abdul Latf, Dato'
Azlan Morad
Ball, Humfrey Burnaby
Banner, Peter Thomas John
Brain, Christopher Richard
Chai Kah Hin, Dr.
Cheah Kien Yoo, Dr
Chua See Hua
Foong, Leon Chiew
Foong, Leon Ie
Honey, Christopher Simon
Hume, Fiona
Lal Chand, Datuk Mr. Justice
Liew Chin Chong
Lubong Tigong
Ooi Onn Seng, Ronnie, Dr.
Pearce, John A., Dr.
Rabindra S Nathan
Rajendra, Prabhaharan
Robson, Angus
Ruth, Kathleen
Salmah Dalib, ACP Datin
Shepherd, Tim
Sreesanthan, Eliathamby
Tan Chee Keong
Yoong Chiew Yoon, Lorinne
Zubir Hj Ali, Dato'