Mr. ASBO's swan song

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Terrorist swan, notorious for harrassing rowers, may be relocated by the Cam Conservancy agency.

The Cam Conservancy, the group responsible for the maintenance of the River Cam, has lodged a request to have Cambridge’s most notorious swan moved. The swan, known as both ‘Mr. Asbo’ and ‘Stalin’ is famed for attacking rowers, canoeists and even motorboats on the river. The Cam Conservancy deputy manager, Jonathon Wakefield, has said that the swan poses as a very real threat ."There is a concern that one day a rower could capsize and it might even cause a fatality".

This aggression has been attributed to anxiety on the bird’s part and, following its treatment by the RSPCA after a dog attacked it last year, it is thought that the bird itself would greatly benefit from a more secluded area. Swans are legally the property of the Queen, however, when she declines ownership, the right to decide an individual bird’s future becomes the duty of ’Natural England’.

A spokeswoman for Natural England said: "If there is no reasonable alternative, we are prepared to sanction the relocation of the swan to another suitable site."

Mr Asbo hit the headlines over two years ago when he began harrassing rowers.